Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hi! Where have you been?

So I haven't been on lately because...well, I guess there is not really a good reason. Just plain ole laziness, I guess. I was sick a few weeks ago and so that was no fun. I was out of commission for a whole weekend...which is not usually like me. I also legally changed my name to Nugent, so that was a very BIG highlight of my month! I love being Mrs. Nugent! It makes me feel super special to know that I share the same name as the love of my life! YAY! (Yep...totally get excited about stupid things.)

I also started my new job this week. I'm a substitute teacher for Arlington ISD and it has been a very interesting week. So far, I have done 7th grade English, 3rd grade, 1st grade, and today I conquered 5th grade. I like the older grades better because they are more self contained and independent. I'm also a big fan of switching classes. I like having the kids for a little bit, then sending them on to their next class. It makes it less stressful for me and more interesting since the class starts over with new kids. Tomorrow, I head to my old Jr. High school to sub for a 7th grade Science class. I'm very excited about it!

We started doing a bible study with our friends the Streets and the Walkers. We meet Wednesday nights and so far it has been some of the best conversation that I have ever had with friends. It is very refreshing to be in the company of other married Christians that are headed in the same direction; that are wanting to strengthen their marriages and their personal relationship with Christ. I love every minute of it. Thankfully, Nuge feels the same way. These past few weeks have been very peaceful and encouraging.
This week, we learned about how having Christ as the center of the marriage can affect the marriage, other relationships, and yourself. We also talked about the man being the head of the household. I know there are a lot of feminist who feel "belittled" or whatever by this, but after Kyle and Kim explained it in their words, and then took it to the Word of God, it became a bigger honor to have the husband as the head. The men are like the tree trunk. They are stable, rooted in The Word, and support the house. The women are like the vine that wraps around the trunk. They need the support and comfort of the strong, God fearing man. The women can't grow unless the men grow. They go where the men go. I may not be saying it as eloquently as Kyle and Kim, but it was very inspiring.

So that's pretty much what's been going on in the Nugent world. Not too much, nothing too exciting, but for us, we are stoked to be married! Almost one month!