Monday, September 15, 2008

Stay at home wife

So today was my first day as a stay at home wife. It's not permanent, but it will be for the next 10 days. Today was also the first day of Nuge's brand new job. We woke up early, which is so not us, and I fixed him breakfast (poached egg on toast for those who were wondering). He fixed himself some coffee and we just enjoyed the few minutes we had together.

Last night before bed, I made him a lunch to take to work (2 turkey roll ups on whole grain tortillas) which he called on his way to work to inform me that he left it in the fridge. Good going honey. Good thing there is a cafeteria where he works.

Today, I got to do quite a few errands as a wife. It was pretty interesting since this is our first week of NOT being on honeymoon. My car has been in the shop since last Monday, so my mom came and picked me up and we got my car. Then I met with our insurance agent to discuss renters, car, and life insurance policies. Got all that taken care of, or at least it will be taken care of officially in a few days. After agent meeting, I went to my parents house for some lunch and spend time with my niece and grandparents who are still here after evacuating from Ike. I went to get my oil changed and bought a few things for our apartment. All in all, it was a very productive day.

I came home and started cooking dinner for my husband! I love to cook, so this was very exciting for me. I made a taco salad and it was done about 2 minutes after Nuge walked into the door. It was pretty awesome.

On a less than happy note, we found out that our beach cabin in Crystal Beach was completely destroyed by Ike. I mean there isn't anything except for the concrete slab. It was pretty upsetting, but we are insured and it was just a vacation home. The people that we need to pray for are the people who lost their actual homes. The pictures of the peninsula are pretty devastating so I know it will be years before the place is back up and running again as normal.

Tomorrow's goal: unpack most, if not all, of these boxes that are in the dining room so I actually feel like I'm in a home and not some dirty apartment.

I will post pictures of our new place as it gets finished. Right now, our bathroom and bedroom are the only rooms that are clean and just the way I want them...except for some hangings on the wall in both rooms. I'm starting to get very excited about our new home!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First one...

So this is my first "real" blog. I've written some here and there but nothing to get excited over. I'm kind of learning this whole thing as I go, so bare with me if I stumble or bore you. It will get better...I hope.

Let me tell you a little bit about my husband and myself. We are the Nugents! I love the sound of that. We have been married for a week and it has been the best week of our least according to me.
My name is Caren. I grew up in Arlington, Texas and graduated from Bowie High School in 2003. There, I was a totally awesome member of the marching band...yep, that makes me ultra cool. My husband, Ryan (but we all call him Nuge), grew up in Arlington as well. We graduated from Martin High School in 2002. He was in the not so cool choir (kidding to all you choir people). After graduation, we both found ourselves at the University of Texas at Arlington. Nuge went in as a Biology major hoping to go to med school or something smart like that. After an awful stint at Organic Chemistry, he changed his mind and went with something a little more laid back (like himself) and got involved with Communication Technology. As for me, I always wanted to be a missionary and build houses, so I naturally went into Architecture. When my professor informed me that I actually suck at being an architecture major, I decided to go with my heart truly wanted. I've always been passionate about waiting until marriage to have sex, so I decided to be a motivational speaker for abstinence.
So that puts us here. Nuge graduated in May and I graduated in August. He recently got a job at Alcon and I'll be substitute teaching here pretty soon. We got married on September 5, 2008, which just happened to be my grandparents' 55th wedding anniversary. It was a honor to share our wedding day with them. They are amazing people and I love them dearly.

So what made me want to start writing a married life blog? I have no idea. I guess I figured it was the cool thing to do and sometimes I have something interesting to say. So I'm just gonna go for it...

You know how you go through moments in your life when you realize who your TRUE friends are? The ones that you KNOW will be with you no matter what stage of life you are going through? These are the people that you can't wait to see and you are sad to see go. I don't know if it is the whole getting married thing or the whole growing up thing, but I'm starting to see now who I want as my life long friend and who I wouldn't mind closing the chapter on. It's a very sad but real realization. As a couple, we are tired of empty friendships and 7th grade drama. This is the kind of stuff that is not healthy for any relationship, let alone a brand new marriage. Some people get that, others, not so much. How do you show people that you are ready to grow up and start a new chapter in life? I think we are struggling with this one. I'm not talking about anyone specific, or maybe I am, I don't even know if I'm sure at this moment. I think I'm just trying to get out emotions. Nuge and I talk about this quite a bit and we are still stuck.

Anyway, on another note. Tonight was the first time we went out with our friends since being married. I say "our" friends, but really they are Nuge's. They are his high school/college buddies that we have been regularly hanging out with. Another realization that I've had is that I hate going out to bars. I am always the designated driver, so I'm stuck being around a bunch of drunk people. Yeah, it's fun and funny at times, but when it hits a certain hour, I'm just ready to go home and go to bed. I'm a big party pooper, I know, but it just stops being fun being around drunks after so long. I'm not sure what kind of weekends married life will have in store for us, especially when Nuge starts going to work 8-5 on Monday. I guess we will see in the next coming months.
We have talked about starting a bible study with some of his other married, Christian friends. For the past few months, we have been wanting to grow more in Christ with other people who share our faith. It is something that is very important to us and important to our marriage. Once we get something going, I'll keep you updated on our progress and our learnings. We are extremely excited about starting something like this.