Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just wanted to share...

So Nuge and I have been living in this apartment since Sept. 5. He has been living in it since August sometime. So that means that our stuff has been in here for almost 5 months now. I am JUST now getting to the de-cluttering part of living here. I think it will be an ongoing process, but at least I'm starting somewhere.

The other day, I decided to really get serious about it. I went on to The Nest, where I get a lot of inspiration from other "nesties". One girl said to try out FLYLady. So I did and boy am I glad I did! She gave me a place to start because I felt too overwhelmed to just start somewhere. I did pretty much what she said and now, our apartment is finally coming together!

Here are some pictures of what I have accomplished and what I still have left to do. The apartment isn't completely clean, but I'm working on it so bear with me and I'll show ya pictures later.This is the coat rack my sister and I put up. On the left is the front door and on the right is the "hall" closet.
These are on the wall of the living room. My sister helped with these too. They are above and to the left of the TV. My camera battery was out, so I had to take quick pics. Whole living room will be up later.
This is our fireplace...obviously. We are going to put up some candle scones tomorrow on either side of the picture to make it prettier.
More of these will go over our fireplace. These are in our "hallway" right in front of our laundry room. The candles belonged to my grandmother but I will probably get cream ones later.This is our bedroom. Nuge and I hung those curtains a few days after we got married. Our first project as man and wife! I put the bed skirt on the other day.These are in our bathroom. I'll change what's in them as the seasons change. Cute huh? The inspiration came from Nuge's mom.Our laundry room.

Our dining room. This is really messy right now and we will get to this tomorrow. The table was Nuge's when he was young. Then it was his great aunt's, now it is ours. My sister and I hung the mirror.

The kitchen sink, spice rack, and bottle of wine that the Nugents got us for our wedding. We are gonna open it on our 1 year anniversary.
The other side of our kitchen. That toaster is the best thing ever!!! Poaches eggs and makes toast. Awesome breakfast maker! And Cutco knives? Nothing better!

So that's a sneak peek into our apartment. More and better pictures will come.

Now that I have Nuge off for a few days, we are gonna do more cleaning and organizing. Can't you hear the excitement that's in his voice?! I can! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008


We finally got to take our "real" honeymoon! Since we got married in September, we wanted to wait until after hurricane season to go to Jamaica. Nuge's parents treated us to 4 nights in Negril, Jamaica at Couples Swept Away All Inclusive Resort. It was amazing!
We flew out of DFW on Tuesday morning. Our flight was to land in Miami and then head to Montego Bay. We had about 20 minutes from the time our DFW flight landed and our flight to Jamaica took off. We were literally running from one terminal to the next. When we got there, they were already calling names saying that if we didn't show up, then our seats would be canceled. When we arrived at the gate, they asked us what our names were and so we told them, while still running, and they were like, "OK GO!!" and we boarded the plane. We sat down, caught our breath and filled out our Custom forms. Had a great flight to Jamaica! We land, go get our bags...nope, not there! My first reaction was, yep, I knew this was gonna happen. Everyone that was on our DFW flight lost their luggage. The airline people in Jamaica thought it was OUR fault for booking flights so close together. Um...not our fault! Jan and Kevin originally had us on an earlier flight, but when we got our itinerary, we were scheduled for another one.
Anyway, so Nuge goes to find help, I'm standing with about 3 other girls who's husbands/fiances/whatever went to go find help too. I found out that one of them checked her wedding dress. Yeah, she was freaking out. But I told her that since she wasn't getting married until Friday, it was cool. They were gonna have our luggage back either that night or the next day, I assumed. So then Nuge comes back with an airport guy in tow. We head to the baggage complaint area where about a dozen (DOZEN dad) were complaining about the same thing. We were all assured that our bags made it on the next flight out of Miami and that we would get our bags either that night or first thing in the morning.
Good thing I read the message boards and FAQ's and took the advice to pack a carry on just in case something like that happened. So we had our bathing suits, a change of clothes, and a few other random items. One thing we didn't have...contact stuff. I can sleep in my contacts and it doesn't bother me, but Nuge cannot. He wasn't too happy.
When we get through Customs and stuff, we are greeted by our resort. They offer us free Red Stripe and have us sit in the lounge. We load up on the bus for one of the scariest rides ever! Good thing we were sitting on the second row so we couldn't see what was really going on. The landscape was BEAUTIFUL! On one side of the road there was beautiful, blue-green ocean and then on the other, beautiful green mountains/small hills...depending on where you live.
When we get to the resort, we are handed a glass of champagne and a cool wet rag. They show us to our room. AMAZING!
Inside the cabinet: 3 bottles of free liquor, 1 bottle of red wine, a mini fridge stocked with: juice, tonic, bottle water, white wine, champagne, and random cokes. All free and stocked daily.
So that's the view from the inside. The view from the out...

Beautiful huh?
So after unpacking what little we had, we changed clothes and went to dinner. There was a cute little grill 2 buildings down from us that had cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, and other random snacks. Since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, we were pretty hungry. After that, we went exploring where we ended up at another dining area. Not wanting to miss anything, we quickly got something to eat there too! Good stuff!
It got dark and we didn't know our way around too well, so we went back to our room to just chill until our luggage came. Since Nuge was freaking out about his contacts, I tried to ask random guests who walked by our room if they had contact solution. Of course it was around midnight and either they were too drunk to know what I was asking, or thought about how weird it was for some random person to ask them for contact solution. Either way, we didn't get any.
We decided to head to bed and just figure something out in the morning. Nuge didn't sleep too well because of his eyes but I was just fine...until he kept waking me up.
At 3:00 in the morning, we get a call from the front desk. Our bags have arrived! They told us they would be there shortly to deliver them to us. Well, Jamaican time: Shortly = an hour. But we got our bags and we took out our contacts and went back to sleep.
Some of the activities that we participated in: snorkeling x2= awesome, glass bottle boat= snooze, catamaran cruise= started out slow, but got to be very amazing, parceling= relaxing, awesome view, a lot of money, but greatness!, dinner at Feathers= amazingly romantic!, paddle boat= great fun until Nuge got hurt, sailing= awesome and very relaxing...until the water would splash, and basketweaving...yep, basketweaving! It was awesome and we did a great job!

Above: mine
Below: Nuge's
It only took us an hour and a half, but I think they are great! We are going to use them at Christmas for our dinner rolls!
We also participated in relaxing in a hammock to watch the sunset.
It was a great time for all! When Saturday came, we were super sad to be leaving but happy that it wasn't a beautiful sunny day. It was actually very rainy and gloomy...just like how we felt.
Our flight home wasn't bad. It was a straight shot, so we were able to get our bags this time! When we were over DFW, we could see all the Christmas lights and city lights and it was just amazing. We were also able to see the moon rise. Very spiritual.
So that's it...that's our Jamaican Honeymoon. I will post more pictures of the snorkeling and parceling when we get our waterproof cameras developed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 months is long enough!

Golly, it has been forever since I've updated. Work has been crazy, as well as life.
It's funny; when Nuge and I were dating, we had all this free time and felt like we were together all the time. Now that we are married, it feels like there are not enough hours in the day and we feel like we never see each other anymore. We both go to work in the mornings, come home in the evenings, are dead tired, and then go to sleep at a very early hour. What happened?!
We have bible study/Christian fellowship on Wednesdays that has been known to last until 1 AM. Then on Thursdays, we watch our niece so my sister and brother in law can have date night. Usually, once a week, we have dinner with the Nuge side of the family. Usually once a week or once every 2 weeks, I go and hang out with my friend, Meagan, who's husband is stationed in San Angelo. And then on Saturday nights, we attend church. It doesn't seem like a lot is going on because we still have 3 or 4 days of "nothing" to do, but it just doesn't seem to be enough.
Nuge has never been a morning person, and his jobs requires him to be at work at 8 (like any normal job would). He has been with the company since we got married 3 months ago and he still can't seem to adjust to the hours. He wakes up a few minutes before he has to leave and then he comes home completely exhausted. I feel bad for him because he is so drained all the time. Me, I go to work between 8 and 9 (depending on what school I'm at) and come home between 3:30 and 4:30. My hours are a little more flexible, but I'm not near as drained as he is.
A few weeks ago, he got word of a job opening in his company that his boss thinks he would be great for. It's a 2nd shift (3pm-11pm) with more pay. The hours are more of his thing and we think it would benefit both of us. We are praying that God will direct us in the direction He wants us to go. He is supposed to meet with his boss today to discuss the opportunity. We are praying for good news!
We leave for our honeymoon tomorrow! Jamaica, here we come!!!! We are staying 4 nights at Couples Swept Away in Nagril, Jamaica. Our flight leaves early tomorrow morning and we will be returning late Saturday night! We are so excited!!!!
I will try to be more consistent with the updates. It has just been really hard with work and life and stuff. But Christmas break is coming up, so I will be off work for like 3 weeks or something like that! YAY!!! I do have some big plans though. Organizing the apartment! My mom, mother in law, and my sister have all offered to come over and help us out. It's not THAT bad, but all 3 of those ladies have much better skills than we do in the art of organizing. Hopefully, they can teach us a few things and then everything will be great!!!