Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day We Got Robbed...

So let me tell you the "fun, exciting" day the Nuge's had today.

I was at home, chilling out in the living room when the door bell rang. I don't like answering the door really, so I just looked out the peep hole and see a guy out there wearing a blue uniform type outfit carrying a notebook. I look out our front windows and see his car backed into our driveway. Well I don't know this guy; I'm not expecting anyone, so I don't answer. But he just keeps ringing our door bell over and over. Then he knocks and tries to open our storm door (thankfully, it's always locked).

I go into the bedroom and hear him on the side of our house going into our backyard. I call the cops and tell them I'm home, someone is in my backyard, I don't know who they are, I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm scared. She asks for my location and I tell her. I hear knocking on our back windows that lead into the kitchen. I kinda peer out of the bedroom and see the man looking in. He was looking towards the living room, so he didn't see me. I jump back into the bedroom and tell the dispatcher that he's looking into my windows. Then I hear him trying to open our back storm door (which is also always locked; our house is like a fortress) and yell, "Hello, anyone home?" Then I hear rustling of the bushes and kinda think he's leaving.

But then, I hear a loud CRASH sound and I knew he just broke my window. I tell the dispatcher that he broke my window and is coming into my house. I run into my closet and am just standing there. I tell the dispatcher that I can hear him in the living room and that I'm scared and to hurry up. She assures me the police are on the way and to try and relax and breath (uh yeah, cause that's what you would do if you were pregnant and a man was in your house) and not talk until I needed to.

Then the door bell rings again (I seriously hate my doorbell now). In my head, I'm thinking, these are his friends coming to help him take my stuff away. The dispatcher told me the police were on the scene now and they were chasing the guy and that it was safe to come out now. I told her, no, I'm pretty sure he's still in the house (cause in my head, it was just his friends that rang the door bell and they are the ones being chased). So she told me I could stay in the closet as long as I wanted, but that the guy was now caught down the street with a broken leg and that the cop wants me to come to the front door.

I go there and look out and I just see a cop car, but no cop. I go outside and tell her I don't see anyone. She tells me that they are coming, that they caught him down the street and are coming back to me. Just then, I see a cop running back up towards my house. I notice the notebook the guy was carrying on the ground in my neighbor's yard, so I pick it up and it said, "Sensus Information" (yes, that's how he spelled it). But it was just scribble scrabble. The guy also left his car in my driveway.

So the cops come and take my information and story and all that good stuff. They asked if I would be able to identify the guy and I told them yes. So they drove me to another neighborhood where they caught the guy and yes, that was him on a stretcher with a broken ankle. He tried to tell the cops it wasn't him. Um, dude, you left you car in my driveway!

Anyway, they took fingerprints on all the windows and doors. And took pictures of everything. Even the cut in the screen (which was probably there to begin with). All the policemen were super nice and kept telling me what a great job I did.

Thankfully, he was probably only in the house for a second before the doorbell rang, so he didn't get a chance to touch anything. I mean really, he didn't touch a single thing. He ran through the living room and went out the nursery window where the cop was standing and just took off running.

Some things that I have learned in this situation:

1. Even if I'm home and don't want to answer the door, to say something so they know I'm home and will go away.
2. Not call my sister when I think someone is coming into my backyard, but call the cops first. (Which is dumb of me cause I call the cops on practically everything that they probably know me by name up there.)
3. That I'm safe, my baby is safe, and my Lord Jesus was with me through the whole thing.
4. That I have an awesome sister and brother in law who showed up very shortly after the cops since it was her that I told that someone was in my backyard. She even called Nuge on her way over to tell him what was going on.
5. That my husband is awesome and came home to be with me even though I was ok.
6. That I'm still in shock and I fear a breakdown coming soon.
7. That people are evil! I mean really evil. Who really breaks into someone's house and tries to steal their stuff? Whoever said that people are inherently good are very wrong! We came out of the womb as sinners, we live our lives as sinners and we die as sinners. Only when we are in the presence of Christ Jesus do we become something different than evil.

What could have happened:

1. I could have not been home, he would have come in, taken everything, and left and I would have no clue who it was or anything.
2. I could have had our baby in the house with me and that would have made the whole thing worse.
3. He could have opened my closet door, saw me, and hurt me.
4. We could have a dog that would have barked and he would have left us alone.

Monday, May 17, 2010

23 Week Update

I have been really bad about updating this blog. I guess I either:
1. Just forget about it
2. I figured you would be bored reading it
3. I don't have anything to say.
But more than likely, it's the second answer.

As far as the pregnancy goes, things have been going great! Baby Nuge is moving a lot more and for the first time, Nuge felt it kick from the outside! It was a great moment! I am getting bigger, but when I compare myself to my sister (who is 2 months ahead of me), I am still pretty small.

My sister, Cori, and I fishing at Lake Granbury for our huge "Mother's Day and Birthday Get Together".

The Birthday people: Kevin, 54, Emma, 3, and Caren, 25.

The Mothers: Jan (Caren's mother in law), Cori, Donna (Caren and Cori's mom), and Caren.

I'm trying to see if Nuge can feel the baby kicking. He couldn't at this point. But give him another week and he can!

Uncle Nuge teaching Emma to fish. He was really hoping he would catch one on that Barbie fishing pole for Emma, but it didn't happen.

Chilling out on the boat!

Emma's first time on a jet ski. She liked it, but didn't like the water splashing in her face.

We had our sonogram on May 11. Everything is going great. Baby Nuge is healthy, growing at a normal rate, and is measuring right on target. We did not find out the sex of the baby, for we are waiting until he/she comes out to show us! We informed the guy performing the sonogram and he assured us that he would not look "there" unless he felt something was wrong. Thankfully, nothing was wrong, therefore, he did not come close to "that area". So even if people wanted to see our sonogram pictures and try to tell what the sex is, they wouldn't be able to. So HAHA!! :) We were able to watch our baby move its hands and mouth on the screen. What an awesome site it was! So blessed.

Our baby has a foot!!

I find this sono pic rather funny. :)

I threw my sister a baby shower this past weekend. It was rather stressful, but in the end, I think it was a pretty good success. She got a lot of things that were on her registry and was very pleased with everything. She is moving to Lubbock in June to start her new job as a nurse at a hospital there. I am very sad that she is leaving, but happy for her that she has found a job. She will be coming back July 1st so that she can have her baby here with her midwife on/around July 9. Not sure how long she will be here, but I hope it's a while so I can get used to taking care of a newborn. And by "I," I really mean "Nuge." :)

Cori and I at her baby shower in front of the clothes she got. Thankfully, she got more than just clothes. :)

Cori and I at her nursing pinning ceremony! I'm so proud of her. Going through nursing school while trying to take care of a husband and a baby. Plus, getting pregnant in her last year. She is one strong person!!

One of my best friends, Linda, and her husband Ben, adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia. The week before Mother's Day, they flew there to go and pick up their son, Bereket. They arrived back home Saturday afternoon. Nuge and I, along with about 20 other people, had the privilege of being at the airport when they arrived. It was such a special moment to share with them and I was blessed to have been apart of it. Bear (as Bereket will be nicknamed) has adjusted fairly well to Ben and Linda. He is such a sweet baby and loves to be held. Trot on over to her blog for updates on her growing family.

Ben, Linda and Bereket, 11 months, on their first day of meeting!

Other than all that, nothing too much has been going on. I say that like this past week wasn't crazy. Crazy but good.